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Reverse Osmosis System Whole House Water Filter

Reverse Osmosis is a way of filtering that is primarily used on water to remove unwanted chemicals and contaminants. This works by passing the water thru a membrane. As the water passes thru the membrane the solute is left on one side leaving only the solvent on the other.The typical process for a Reverse Osmosis water purification system is as follows.First the water is run thru a filter that traps unwanted sediment such as calcium carbonate and rust.The water passes thru a second filter that has smaller pores to further reduce sediment.Learn more about at reverse osmosis system whole house website.

Next the water passes thru a carbon filter; this filter traps organic chemicals that hamper the reverse osmosis process.The water is then passed thru the reverse osmosis filter. The reverse osmosis filter is a thin film composite membrane.Optionally the water is run thru a second reverse osmosis filter to further purify.Lastly a ultra-violet lamp is used to disinfect any microbes that may have been missed by the process.When choosing a reverse osmosis system you want to compare the following factors.

The first and foremost important job of a reverse osmosis system is its ability to filter contaminants from your water. There are many test and studies and countless reviews on filtering effectiveness of these systems. It is however recommended that, before purchasing your system that you check against the National Sanitation Foundation’s database for its effectiveness. They are the industry experts on the subject of water filtering.There are no taste measures and or standards available as taste is such a subjective measure. However this can be as important to you as any other part of water filtering. Be sure to read as much as you can regarding taste opinions on the system you are considering if you are unable to sample in person.