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A Guide To Wedding photography

It is probably fair to say that there are really only TWO main “methods” of wedding photography and these are Traditional and Photojournalism. Each has a variation in names which reflect the photographer’s angle on his or her craft. To further complicate matters it common for photographers to select parts of one genre and merge it to another and call it something else. An illustration of this might be “contemporary” which combines aspects of formal and reportage.Get the facts at London Asian wedding photographers website.

The main storytelling methods are photojournalism, reportage and documentary; they all mean the same thing, which is that the photographer is going to use their photos to document the day or tell the story of your wedding day through pictures.

This is very different from traditional, formal or classic – three more terms that mean the same thing. Traditional involves formal poses with nearly everyone involved in the wedding. The photographer sets up the shot, rights the lighting and poses the subjects. This style has been declining in popularity, but you can bet it will always have its place. You can learn more about each genre by clicking on the main headings above – and hopefully feel able to select which one is best for YOU!

This time of the year is a beautiful time to get married. The snow so glistening white, the chill in the air — it’s all very romantic.The weather can, of course, wreak havoc with your winter wedding photography.

It’s cold but you would be surprised about how many brides don’t consider the chilly weather when planning outdoor photos.