Important Facts That You Should Know About Lie Detector Test

The Lie Detector Test is used in specific case investigation, pair testing, periodic clearance and pre-employment. It detects the guilty and exonerates the innocent among suspects in any irregularity and form unjust accusation unwarranted suspicion and malicious gossip.
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It is admissible as circumstantial evidence by the U.S. Supreme Court. Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. (TVSI) is the country’s first Lie Detector Philippines Company and Philippine National Police Hall of Fame Awardee as the Best Private Detective Agency.

Computerized Lie Detector System is unique in its process to detect the guilty and exonerate the innocent. As such, it is used by CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Law Enforcements and Best Managed Companies for (a) Case Investigation – to systematically detect the guilty and exonerate the innocent on a specific case; (b) Pair Testing – to know the truth between two contradictory statements of the subjects; (c) Periodic Clearance – to reassess the honesty of the present employees and determine any activity harmful to the company; and (d) Pre-employment Screening – to test the truthfulness of the applicant and establish the problems that might interfere with the job.
The bottom line is that if the examiner likes you, he may be more generous in his interpretation of the polygraph results, and this is one answer to how to pass a lie detector test.